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About Roxana

“Now we are both here, present and sincere.
This is how we choose to live.”

Trusted By

I am delighted to share the news that I have won the SOUTHERN ENTERPRISE AWARD for Best Online Language & Transformation Coaching Provider 2023.


A Language & Transformation Coach who empowers individuals through shadow work, The Hero’s Journey coaching model, language and filmmaking techniques. I believe that continuous learning is the key to personal growth, conscious leadership and harmony in the world. We don’t need to change the world, we only need to take good care of ourselves.

As a Language Coach, am a qualified EFL teacher, with over 10,000 hours of language teaching alone. I am bilingual (Italian & English), have an English degree and went to film school at Bournemouth University, in the UK. I moved from teaching to Task-Based Coaching to upper-intermediate + clients, mostly from the big tech industry – Facebook & Netflix to name a few – and the academic world. 

In my presentation skills courses I not only focus on writing, speaking and pronunciation skills for effective presentations, but I actually direct your performance using my filmmaking experience. In addition, I help you overcome your fear of public speaking using transformation coaching tools, such as deprogramming and releasing techniques.

As a certified NLP Life & Personal Development Coach I utilise the creative process of visual storytelling as a tool for personal development, to help you understand how language shapes your identity. I now combine it with powerful deprogramming tools to help you release the energy trapped in your body-unconscious that keeps you stuck or ill.

As a highly intuitive Projector in Human Design, my job is to guide others onto their path of sacred purpose – and I really love doing this.

I create deeply intimate offerings for my clients and hold clean space for them. I may be very passionate, but I am a student first and am humble enough to admit that I don’t know everything.



The Coaching

Transformation Coaching

Your Path To Sovereignty

Learning & Development

Communication & Language

Since 2002

The Journey has been long and full of adventures and milestones:

After my English degree, film school followed. Then a career in postproduction was interrupted by a serious illness 8 years later.

Oriental Studies and a solid Buddhist practice began in 2002, which opened the doors to the personal development scene, and it’s now part of my daily life.

The first formal life coaching training started in 2006 and continued throughout my career, with the more recent training in Deprogramming with Archetypes in 2022/2023.

I am currently training in somatic work which, combined with the shadow work I do, becomes a super powerful tool for releasing the trapped energy of trauma from the body. I look forward to increasingly honing both cognitive and somatic coaching with my clients.

Why Choose Roxana

I have created my own unique style of coaching, which is a blend of spiritual, intuitive, creative and linguistic awareness. A methodology that engages the cognitive, somatic and every states in between, in individuals going through
The Hero’s Journey.


20 Years of Experience

I am a qualified & experienced linguist, filmmaker & a certified coach. I work with a supervisor because I’m responsible & believe that I give my best to you when I’m supported by a coach myself to stay clear of any personal issue or projection I may have in my practice.

Custom Everything

As a Human Design Mental Projector, I honour and hone my unique qualities on the journey to embody the purpose I’m here to fulfil. Which is to help you do exactly the same by holding space while you work things through! My programmes are custom made for your unique journey.

I Deliver

I have been where you are today and have gone through the inner journey myself. And I continue do so, every day. In fact I have now started the Conscious Cruising Podcast to share my way of dealing with life, struggles and triumphs with you.  I’ll never stop developing until the day I die. 

Harnessing Your Potential

My Philosophy

My name is Fiamma, Flame in English. The flame symbolises the spark of consciousness and the inner fire. The Romans, inspired by Hestia the Greek Goddess of Fire, revered Vesta as the Fire Goddess of the hearth and home, who embodies both outer warmth and inner glow.

This powerful symbolism still stands true today.

By dutifully and tenderly looking after ourselves and bringing warmth to our surroundings, we can amplify the fire element, cleanse our energy to bring vitality and burn our brightest. We can learn from the Greek devotion to Hestia and the Roman devotion to Vesta that the boundaries between our interior and exterior worlds are semi-permeable and that we have the power to evaporate our barriers, allowing our inner and outer flames to intertwine in a dynamic dance of transformational alchemy.

Hestia by Neithy –

“Roxana is very intuitive and knowledgeable in her work. Her guidance is exceptional! She is very caring when emotions come up and holds the space when you are working out what needs to be done. She is an amazing guide in helping you work through what you need to do in the moment, whatever is happening.”

Andrew Mondia