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Roxana Fiamma

De.story Your.self


About Roxana 


I’m here to help you align with your truth so you can confidently embody your Dharma with integrity and individuality.

If you’re seeking a creative and compassionate Coach, Mentor, and Intuitive Guide to support you in creating a deeply meaningful life, and you’re not afraid of hearing the uncomfortable truths, I’m here.

Do you wish to live on purpose, know you’re here to serve in meaningful ways, but are showing up as a diluted version of yourself ?

Do you find yourself holding back and even obsess over how you’re being seen?

Is your commitment to your personal growth evident, yet your wounds and trauma continue to resurface, which prevents you from fully stepping into your true flow ?

Do you feel spiritually disconnected and weighed down by all that life demands of you, which makes it difficult for you to have faith and experience joy in your life and leadership ?

You are living out of alignment with Source, your truth, and your Dharma. That’s why I’m here. 

I help committed individuals transform their problems of pain and disempowerment into solutions by using techniques that quickly address and help release the root causes of discomfort, pain, and trauma.



My Services

Do you still feel UNFULFILLED despite outward success? Have you lost your purpose due to BURNOUT?  Do you suffer from performance anxiety or that old IMPOSTOR syndrome? Struggle to understand why you still get triggered or behave in a certain way?  READ ON if you want freedom more

On your Hero’s Journey you will know how to turn shadows into gifts whilst working with archetypes.  See how language shapes your identity. Employ the creative process of visual storytelling to master the power of your mind and align it to your emotions. 

The world is a challenging place right now. Our current leadership style is unsustainable. It’s time to lead more consciously, in ways that are aligned with values for building a better world. Start the shift in consciousness within YOURSELF.

Diversity of  languages in the world is essential, yet English is the one used in the international arena. As a trained linguist, I recognise the importance of fluency in English and continue to coach non native speakers to help them master the nuances of this language. And sometimes the native speakers too! 

It’s a space for you to feel seen, heard, and understood. It’s a space for you to lean in, be held, and be held accountable. And it’s a space that welcomes all of you –the light, the shadows, and the darkness.

Let’s Grow!

When you learn to face your negative emotions, have compassion towards your resistance, and allow everything to be as it is without judging it or trying to change it, RELEASE can happen. Then you transform past wounds and traumas into liberated energy that will free you up in new ways and will realign you with your sacred purpose.  

Live Burnout Free

Feel on purpose, energised and clear minded. Get up in the morning eager to welcome the day, open to any exciting challenge.  Enjoy enriching and meaningful relationship in business and in life. Feel the confidence of being in alignment with your own values, where you naturally choose a healthy lifestyle with ease and awareness.

Embody Your Truth

, Lead a life where you feel free in every way, where you embrace all parts of yourself: the dark, the light, and the shadowy spaces in between. Have absolute clarity and conviction. Build your life in full alignment with your truth and be successful on your own terms. Experience the joy that comes through true spiritual, wholesome liberation.

Finding Balance

Embody the 8 pillars of a balanced life: 1. Mental; 2. Physical; 3. Emotional; 4. Spiritual;
5. Social; 6. Environmental; 7. Financial;
8. Occupational.   You know that perfect balance may not always be attainable and yet you’ve discovered that with self-awareness, commitment, and compassion, you can welcome every day with a trusting, stress free attitude that give you the confidence in yourself to live authentically and in the moment. 

Making Lasting Changes

When you’ve learned to commit to your growth 100% and you set forth to work with your own resistance to change, you discover ways to stay in the fight for the long haul. Once you’ve learned new techniques for maintaining your wellbeing, keeping it going becomes second nature, if you continue to practice them after your sessions have ended. 


Harnessing & Embodying Your Potential

Trauma is a thief. It steals wonder. It steals your hope. It steals your energy. That’s the first it takes. 

It’s very important to be humble and really admit to ourselves what a difficult journey healing from trauma is. 

When you are healed, you’re here and not there. You’re fully alive right now! You’re engaged with what’s going on right now, you see what’s happening right now and you don’t get distracted by your fears or your rage. 

Dorota Simard

“Roxana brings love and confidence during our sessions, guiding me to release programs with ease and helping me have more freedom to reach my goals.”

Nicola Robinson

Roxana is calm and confident, and holds a beautiful space to support her client in undertaking the inner work to find freedom.”

Javier M. (Mexico)

With Roxana you will not only improve your fluency in English effectively, you will also develop important aspects of you as a human being. You will change your mindset about what communicating with another human being is all about. I have learned so much!

Why Choose To work with me

Best Online Language & Transformational Coaching Provider 2023 Award!

I have been where you are today and have gone through the inner journey myself. And I continue do so, every day. In fact I have now started the Wholesome Podcast to share my way of dealing with life, struggles and triumphs with you.  I’ll never stop developing until the day I die. Or maybe even after that!

I am a qualified & experienced linguist, filmmaker & a certified coach. I work with a supervisor because I’m responsible & believe that I give my best to you when I’m supported by a coach myself to stay clear of any personal issue or projection I may have in my practice.

As a Human Design Mental Projector, I honour and hone my unique qualities on the journey to embody the purpose I’m here to fulfil.

Which is to help you do exactly the same by holding space while you work things through!

Personal Growth Coaching

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