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Roxana Fiamma

De.Story Your.Self


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In A World That Suppresses Your Voice, Truth Matters!

I’m here to help you ALIGN WITH YOUR TRUTH so you can confidently embody your Dharma with integrity and individuality.

If you’re seeking a creative and compassionate Coach, Mentor, and Intuitive Guide to support you in creating a deeply meaningful life, and you’re not afraid of hearing the uncomfortable truths, I’m here.

Do you wish to live on purpose, know you’re here to serve in meaningful ways, but are showing up as a diluted version of yourself ?

Do you find yourself holding back and even obsess over how you’re being seen?

Are you a non-native English speaking professional dealing with English overwhelm and wishing to overcome speaking performance insecurities?

Is your commitment to your personal growth evident, yet your wounds and trauma continue to resurface, which prevents you from fully stepping into your true flow ?

Do you feel spiritually disconnected and weighed down by all that life demands of you, which makes it difficult for you to have faith and experience joy in your life and leadership ?

You are living out of alignment with Source, your truth, and your Dharma. That’s why I’m here.

I help committed individuals transform their problems of pain and disempowerment into solutions by using techniques that quickly address and help release the root causes of discomfort, pain, and trauma.

I’m here to help you align with your truth so you can confidently embody your authentic Self with integrity and individuality.

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The world is a challenging place right now. Our current leadership style is unsustainable. It’s time to lead more consciously, in ways that are aligned with values for building a better world. Start the shift in consciousness within YOURSELF.


Do you still feel UNFULFILLED despite outward success? Have you lost your purpose due to BURNOUT?  Do you suffer from performance anxiety or that old IMPOSTOR syndrome? Struggle to understand why you still get triggered or behave in a certain way?  READ ON if you want freedom more.

Direct Your Life With The Hero's Journey Programme

On your Hero’s Journey you will know how to turn shadows into gifts whilst working with archetypes.  See how language shapes your identity. Employ the creative process of visual storytelling to master the power of your mind and align it to your emotions. Then I will guide you, using my experience as a film director, to Star and Direct your Reel Autobiographical Life.

You will be writing the screenplay for the most captivating film in which you are both the director and the star. This script is not just a narrative but a blueprint for your transformation!


Diversity of languages in the world is essential, yet English is the one used in the international arena. As a trained linguist, I recognise the importance of fluency in English and continue to coach non native speakers to help them master the nuances of this language. I also coach native speakers professionals to master their presentation and public speaking skills, drawing from my training and experience as a film director!

The Conscious Cruising Podcast

The Conscious Cruising Podcast

Join the community of awakened individuals who live with the same goal in mind:


Meet Roxana

My background is in linguistics, filmmaking, the arts and study & practice of Buddhism. I am bilingual and worked with award-winning directors and producers from Italy and the UK and discovered the power of filmmaking and performance as a tool for personal transformation! As a certified coach I utilise the creative process of visual storytelling as a means to discover and uncover our unconscious pain points, and then recover our authentic Self because that’s what shapes our identity and puts us in touch with our intuition, which we need to go beyond even our individual identiy. I now combine The Hero’s Journey with powerful deprogramming tools to help you release the trapped energy that keeps you stuck or ill.

Roxana really helps you get unstuck. She will find the string to pull and she will pull it!  And it might not have anything to do with the original intent, or what you thought the issue was, because everything is interrelated. But it’s really about that push or that perspective to really move the energy to change the groove, literally and symbolically.

Vanessa Elliot Darling

“With Roxana you will not only improve your fluency in English effectively, you will also develop important aspects of you as a human being is all about. I have learned so much!

Javier M.

Roxana brings love and confidence during our sessions, guiding me to release programs with ease and helping me have more freedom to reach my goals.”

Dorota Siimard

Tune In To The Conscious Cruising Podcast

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